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The Rhode Island Family Court in a Nutshell

If you are getting divorced in Rhode Island, you may want to know the background of the court system which will hear your Rhode Island Divorce. The Rhode Island Family Court was established by statute, and consists of eleven associate judges and the Chief...

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How Can I Succeed in my Rhode Island Divorce?

You can succeed in your Rhode Island divorce by first recognizing this simple truth; everyone loses in divorce. The Rhode Island Family Court cannot provide you with more than what you had when you shared full access to your total marital estate. In short,...

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Rhode Island Premarital Agreements

Rhode Island law views marriage as a partnership. Generally, all assets acquired during the course of a marriage are deemed by statute to be marital and subject to distribution by the Rhode Island Family Court. Premarital Agreements allow future spouses, before the...

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RI Divorce and Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are agreements of the parties entered as a Rhode Island Order of the Court which details the schedule of each parent with their children. Having a parenting plan protects the rights of both parents. If tempers flare, or...

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