Revoked & Denied Security Clearances

Virtually all government employees, contractors and military employees are required to obtain a security clearance as a condition of employment. If your security clearance has been denied or revoked, your career will be put on hold. You will not be able to perform any sensitive work until you secure the necessary security clearances.

Government employees who failed to hire an experienced attorney from the start are at greater risk of a denied security clearance. At The Flanagan Law Offices, LLC, we offer a strong voice for military personnel and private sector employees in need of a security clearance to perform their jobs.

Attorney Frank Flanagan is a former Navy JAG officer, with more than 30 years of legal experience. Attorney Flanagan has a firm understanding of the unique procedures for obtaining a security clearance based on the specific branch of government. He will apply his decades of experience and industry knowledge to help you apply for a security clearance or to challenge a revoked or denied security clearance. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with a highly skilled military law attorney in Newport, Rhode Island.

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Handling Denied or Revoked Security Clearances in Rhode Island

Security clearances can be denied or revoked based on criminal charges, psychological concerns and financial allegations. Military law Attorney Frank Flanagan has extensive experience advocating for individuals with revoked or denied security clearances based on a variety of accusations, including:

  • Significant debt concerns
  • Domestic abuse allegations
  • Sexual assault allegations
  • Drinking and driving or drug charges
  • Mishandling of classified information
  • Emotional, mental or personality disorders
  • Failing to be completely truthful when applying for a security clearance

False or misleading allegations can ultimately prevent employers from hiring the best-qualified candidates for highly sensitive jobs. If your security clearance has been denied or revoked, you will have a hearing before an Administrative Judge. The procedures for the hearing will depend on which branch of government denied or revoked your security clearance. Attorney Flanagan has years of experience representing clients in security clearance hearings and he will effectively prepare you for this proceeding to present your side of the story.

Security clearance hearings are similar to criminal or civil trials with opening statements, cross examination of witnesses, presentation of evidence and closing arguments. During the hearing, we have the burden to prove why you should be awarded a security clearance. Security clearance hearings are generally won on diligence.

We are committed to leveling the playing field against you. Attorney Flanagan will present evidence demonstrating your strong job performance to show he knows more about your level of work and the facts leading into your inquiry than the government knows. We are committed to staying ahead of the government at every turn possible. Based on the evidence presented, the Administrative Judge will make a recommendation to the government agency. If the resolution is unfavorable, our work is not over. We will appeal the ruling to help you obtain the necessary security clearance.

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