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Our Areas of Practice

Divorce Law

We have the ability to formulate a solution that is tailored for your individual circumstances or fight for your rights at trial if your spouse is unreasonable,  including high-asset divorces and military divorces.


State & Federal Criminal Defense

We offer aggressive state and federal criminal defense strategies to help you effectively refute charges, while seeking to preserve your reputation.


Complex Property Division

We'll make certain that complex assets such as businesses, stocks, bonds and other bank accounts and investments, including retirement savings accounts, are properly valued and divided fairly in your divorce.




Child Custody

We are skilled at helping create child custody and visitation arrangements that are functional now and years to come, including child visitation and child support matters.


Modifications & Enforcement of Settlement Agreements

We assist clients to modify settlement agreements when circumstances change and to enforce them when a former spouse is non-compliant.


Military Law & Security Clearance Issues

Frank Flanagan is an aggressive experienced military attorney available to defend our service members facing an investigation or charged with a crime under the UCMJ.


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