Divorce is a time of change. No matter which side of the divorce you are on, your life is going to be redefined through the divorce process. When you file for divorce, a number of people, such as your spouse and a judge, will have input on issues as intricate as child custody and property division concerns. Without effective legal counsel, you may be forced to live according to their perspective and ideas about your life.  We can help you.

Our Rhode Island divorce attorney, Frank Flanagan, offers three decades of experience to aid our clients. A former Navy JAG officer and law professor at the Naval Justice School where he taught family law and trial advocacy, Attorney Flanagan has also served as an adjunct professor at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. A seasoned and skilled litigator, Attorney Flanagan recognizes that your case is unique, with your own personal story. He has the ability to formulate a solution that is tailored for your individual circumstances or fight for your rights at trial. Whether it be child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, pension rights, division of assets and debts, enforcement and modification of Court Orders, etc. Frank Flanagan should be your attorney of choice.

We understand the difficulty and uncertainty that divorce presents. You deserve an attorney with the solid experience and skill necessary to guide you to success in the Rhode Island Family Court. We are committed to helping our clients identify and achieve their goals. Let us help make sure your voice is heard.

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Experienced Rhode Island Child Custody Attorney

Family law attorney Frank Flanagan is highly skilled at helping clients establish child custody and visitation arrangements that are functional now and years. During an initial consultation, he will help address your concerns regarding legal and physical child custody to ensure your child’s best interests are protected. He will also explain how a child custody arrangement can directly affect child support.

Handling High-Asset Divorces throughout Rhode Island

In high-asset divorces, special consideration needs to be paid to a host of issues that are not necessarily part of an average divorce. Correct valuation of assets is a priority. Experienced legal counsel is also needed to determine if the assets are part of the marital or non-marital estate.

At The Flanagan Law Offices, LLC, we consult appraisers, actuaries and financial professionals to determine the true worth of the marital estate. Our experience can make a world of difference when significant assets or debts are involved.

Offering Legal Separation Services in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, to begin a divorce you must have been domiciled in the State for at least one year. For couples living in Rhode Island less than a year, they can become legally separated, known as divorce from bed and board, and work through the details of the divorce until the necessary year lapses.

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