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When you are facing a legal challenge, your best defense is to secure skilled and experienced counsel. At Flanagan Law Offices, LLC, our founding attorney, Frank Flanagan, is a former Navy JAG officer with thirty years of legal experience.

Mr. Flanagan’s extensive Rhode Island legal experience combined with his in-depth knowledge of trial and military law and the issues that confront Rhode Island families allows him to offer representation that is grounded and effective. Let us help you reach the best possible resolution to whatever legal challenges you are facing.


Having sound guidance now can help you secure a Rhode Island divorce in preparation for a fresh start. At Flanagan Law Offices, LLC, we have the skills and legal resources to handle uncontested and contested divorces, including high-asset divorces.

Child Custody and Visitation

Let us help you preserve your relationship with your children now and as your family grows. To learn more how we can address your Rhode Island custody concerns, reference our family law, divorce FAQ guide.

Child Support

Establishing appropriate child support levels can be crucial to allowing your children to thrive and establish individual households.

Complex Property Division

Our experience with proper valuation and significant assets allows us to help you reach your goals for the division of your Rhode Island marital estate.

Modifications & Enforcement

If your divorce terms are no longer relevant or are no longer being abided, we can ask the court to modify or enforce the relevant terms.

Military Divorce

Military pensions, benefits, child custody and visitation all need special consideration when a divorcing spouse is a service member.

Military Law

If you were accused of committing a crime while on active duty, you need sound criminal defense representation from an attorney with a thorough understanding of military law.

Security Clearance

If you have been denied security clearance or are in need of pre-clearance counseling, we can help.

Federal & State Criminal Defense

We offer experienced defense against state and federal charges, including drunk driving charges.

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