Child Custody & Visitation

Creating child custody and visitation agreements that function and meet everyone’s goals can be very difficult and, in some cases, impossible. Few parents want to cede any of the time they share with their children or the right to have a final say on matters related to the raising of their children.

Prior to a divorce, a child’s parents operate as a single unit for the most part. After the divorce, the child’s time must be divided. This will generally work out to mean that the child will live with one parent and the other parent would have visitation.

Newport child custody Attorney Frank Flanagan is skilled at helping create child custody and visitation/parenting time arrangements that are equitable to both parents. Attorney Flanagan is a former Navy JAG officer and taught family law at the Navy Justice School as well as a former adjunct professor at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

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Physical and Legal Custody

There are two types of custody that the Court must decide: legal and physical. Legal custody is the right to make decisions regarding your child’s upbringing. Physical custody is where the child lives. The Court will look to make these decisions based on serving the best interests of the child.

Our experience allows us to understand how to effectively advocate from your perspective when these decisions are being made. We understand the factors the Judge looks at and how they interpret them.

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