RI divorce temporary support hearings can be a critical first round of a divorce fight in your Rhode Island Divorce. While the divorce is pending, the proper result of a Rhode Island temporary support hearing allows both parties to conduct their lives with as little disruption as possible despite the upheaval of their marriage. Additionally, a temporary support hearing can lay the foundation for the ultimate resolution of the divorce.

At the hearing, the Rhode Island Family Court will examine the parties financial disclosure form, filed with the Court (the DR 6 form).

The Rhode Island Family Court will consider a myriad of issues including, but not limited to those concerning the children of the marriage, the costs necessary to maintain the marital domicile, advances upon the marital estate, legal fees necessary for the parties to advance and defend their case, medical insurance needs of the parties, and the parties children and attachment and restraint of certain assets.

Clearly these are fact/case specific issues unique to the matter at hand. The Rhode Island Family Court Judge hearing the Motion is required to balance the needs of the party seeking the temporary support against the ability of the other party to comply with the Order entered. A practical approach is to attempt to reach an agreement between the parties with the Court’s input, allowing the parties to preserve the status quo in handling their finances in the same manner as they did prior to the divorce filing.

This smart approach causes the parties to take an immediate hard look at their finances before engaging in costly litigation to divide their finances.

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