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Francis J. Flanagan, Esq. writes about divorce,
criminal defense, and DUI defense solutions.

Arrested in Newport, RI? Need Help?

I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news. The good news: you were in beautiful part of the world. The bad news: you got arrested in Newport, RI, so you were in a beautiful part of the world but you were charged with performing a criminal act....

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RI Divorce: Who Gets Your Home?

In many ways your RI divorce is a business decision which requires you to evaluate the dissolution of your marriage from a rational perspective rather than an emotional perspective. This is especially true when deciding what action to take regarding your...

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Divorce “Gender Bias”

In cases in the Rhode Island Family Courts some fathers have raised concerns regarding a divorce gender bias in favor of the children's mother. When parents divorce, the decree of the Rhode Island Family Court will Order with whom the children...

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