Military historians note that the D-Day invasion was won for the Allies as much by the pre-invasion strategic planning/battle plan as by the heroic efforts of the troops who stormed the beaches. One’s divorce battle plan for Rhode Island divorce success should take a lesson from wartime strategists: invest the time and effort to plan your Rhode Island divorce before launching into battle with your spouse.

Identify the objectives of your Rhode Island divorce.

Determine your financial goals in advance of appearing in Rhode Island Family Court so you may set a target on that result. To determine what you’ll be aiming for you should first compile the documents listed below in your Financially Successful Rhode Island Divorce. After you gather these documents, review them with your Rhode Island divorce attorney to develop your initial plan.

  1. List all family back accounts and retirement plans.
  2. Gather any records showing title to any family or business real estate.
  3. List any benefits which you or your spouse or children may be entitled to based upon your or your spouse’s military service or corporate stock options.
  4. Gather the income tax returns for the past five years of the marriage.
  5. Determine the current market value of all real estate, stocks, corporate bonds, government bonds and all other property owned with your self, or someone else, in the form of joint ownership.

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