Parenting plans are agreements of the parties entered as a Rhode Island Order of the Court which details the schedule of each parent with their children.

Having a parenting plan protects the rights of both parents. If tempers flare, or disagreements erupt, the parenting plan is there in writing to set the guideline of where the children will be at, with whom, and at what time.

The time, effort, emotion and finances invested in determining the parenting plan should be thought of as insurance. This insurance spares you and your children from the turmoil associated with lack of clarity and precision regarding whose time it is with the children.

Be prepared and be proactive.

Just as boat owners buy life preservers hoping never to have to test their effectiveness, a parent invests time creating a parenting plan for those times of family rough waters. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

If the police are called to enforce a visitation schedule, they can generally take no action without a legal parenting plan or Rhode Island Court Order.

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