Rhode Island law views marriage as a partnership.

Generally, all assets acquired during the course of a marriage are deemed by statute to be marital and subject to distribution by the Rhode Island Family Court.

Premarital Agreements allow future spouses, before the wedding, to establish their rights and obligations with respect to one another upon the termination of the marriage, whether by death or divorce.

A Rhode Island Premarital Agreement is a contract under Rhode Island law.

This contract between future spouses allows them to override the laws of divorce regarding equitable distribution and alimony and the right of a party to claim a share of a deceased spouse’s estate. Furthermore, Rhode Island Premarital Agreements can limit divorce litigation. In effect, the future spouses choose to exercise caution before their marriage to clarify their rights in the Rhode Island Family Court as to the division of their assets, debts and alimony, in case of the unfortunate event of the failure of their marriage.

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