Divorce is an emotional upheaval as well as a financial challenge. Stay focused on achieving your financial goals in your Rhode Island divorce and avoid some of the common divorce mistakes and pitfalls that can happen along the way.

  1. Focus on primary issues. Do not get “lost in the weeds” of past hurts and slights which brought you to the Rhode Island Divorce courts. Determine your strategic plan to achieve your financial and family well being and needs. Focus on logical resolution to defined goals.
  2. Put, “everything on the table.” Let your attorney know all of the personal information and details of your marriage and your assets, so you may get a proper diagnosis of your issues. Don’t set the trap for being caught off guard once the case has begun, and “new” facts are disclosed.
  3. Protect your children from their parents emotions. Divorce in Rhode Island and everywhere is bad for all parties, but remember that it’s generally worse for the parties’ children. Make it a goal to protect your children from the divorce, even if this means being the honorable parent who does not respond to the children when the other parent disparages you. Be the smart parent.
  4. Ask questions of your attorney. Divorce is a long and strenuous process, and it is understandable if you just want it to be over. Don’t let it be over without understanding what you are agreeing to in your settlement or judgement. Read the pleadings and legal paperwork, and make sure you understand the proceedings.
  5. Remember the value of your “stuff.” Personal property, for lack of eloquence, the stuff couples buy during their marriage, all has a value. Remember that it is generally not cost effective to pay lawyers to argue over belongings which may be otherwise replaceable as a lessor cost than the legal battle to determine which party gets to keep the item. Pick your battles wisely.